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our charity skydive programme

Skydiving has long been accepted as a popular and effective method of raising funds for charity. By placing oneself in an unfamiliar and challenging environment (and to many an unenviable one), there is considerable scope to encourage financial pledges in favour of your chosen cause from family, friends and work colleagues. We are a British Parachute Association dropzone as well as the others that we recommend who have excellent safety records for your safety.

Many people who skydive for charity or make a charity parachute jump do so whilst raising funds for a worthwhile charity cause. London Parachute School are working with charities who will all pay for your charity skydive or charity parachute jump in return for you raising a minimum amount of funds for them. By doing this you get your charity skydive or charity parachute jump for FREE and the information on this page explains how you can take advantage of this...
Jump for 'FREE'


In return for raising a minimum amount of sponsorship money a charity will pay for your charity skydive and training and receive a sizable donation from your efforts at the same time! The minimum amounts you will be asked to raise differ from charity to charity but on average they are as follows:
Charity Tandem Skydive: £395
Charity Static Line Square: £360
Charity Accelerated Freefall: £565
From these sums the charity will receive an average donation of at least £160 and you will receive your charity skydive for 'FREE'!

Simply select your charity from the list and you can either book online or request a free information pack and sponsorship forms.

All the charities we are currently working with are listed on this page and all of these operate the above sponsorship scheme. If you wish to jump for an alternative cause please call us on 0800 009 3014 and we can arrange this for you.


Payment systems

With this sponsorship scheme you don't even have to pay all the sponsorship money up front. With most charities you will be required to reserve your place with a small booking deposit and pay for your jump on the day. However, the remainder of your sponsorship money will not be due until at least four weeks after the date of your jump which gives you plenty of time to collect all your sponsorship money - and if you raise the minimum amount of funds (£395 for a tandem skydive, £360 for a static line square and £565 for an accelerated freefall) you will be allowed to reclaim the full cost of your jump from your sponsorship money, the booking deposit is classed as your donation to the organisation for taking part in the skydive. Please remember that some schemes allow you to use part of the funds raised to contribute toward the cost of your charity skydive - also some do not. If the scheme you choose allows this please be respectfull of persons if they decline to sponsor you on the grounds that you are receiving a skydive for your support of the chosen organisation.


If your charity is not shown above why not see how we can help build long term relationships with your fundraisers - please call us on 0800 009 3014