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FIRST THINGS FIRST (CH2 and JM1) Canopy Handling 2 (CH2) and Jump Master 1 (JM1) are the very next steps, giving you basic canopy, aircraft and equipment skills. These grades, coupled with 50 jumps allow you to apply for your BPA 'B' licence.

FORMATION SKYDIVING GRADE 1 (FS1) If you want to do standard formation skydives involving more than two people, you'll need to obtain Formation Skydiving Grade 1 (FS1). You must be able to: control your fall-rate (slower and faster), move horizontally in all directions, 'dock' (take hold of) others, turn in place (without drifting), dive down to a target person, and complete four 'points' (separate formations) with three other people on the qualifying jump. FS1 is gained by completing the WARP program or equivalent (see the BPS WARP leaflet for details).

CANOPY FORMATIONS GRADE 1 (CF1) Canopy Formation Skydiving involves flying your canopy in close proximity to, and in actual contact with, others. You must learn to approach a target canopy, control your canopy relative to others (up, down, sideways, backwards, forwards), dock 4th, pilot a 4 person 'stack' and 'spot' (position the aircraft) for CF from 8000 feet.

INDIVIDUAL STYLE GRADE 1 (IS1) A Style jump involves performing a left turn, a right turn, a backloop, a right turn, a left turn, and another backloop, all with precision (you have to stop almost exactly on heading after each manoeuvre), flying in the Style Tuck position. These manoeuvres together are known as a Full Series, and you must be able to complete the Full Series in 16 seconds or less to gain IS1. Individual Style is available as an alternative qualification to FS1 on the road to FF1, or as the qualification if you want to be a 'Stylie'!

FREESTYLE/FREEFLY GRADE 1 (FF1) For your Freestyle/Freefly Grade 1 (FF1) qualification, you must first demonstrate basic belly-to-earth skills (up to WARP 7). You need FF1 and CIs written approval in your logbook in order to do FF jumps with other people. For FF1, you must be able to do controlled sit and stand-up skydiving including manoeuvres and be able to fly relative to others. Head-down skills are covered by FF2. BPS require you to have IC1 Plus before you try Freefly or FreeStyle skydiving.

SKYSURFING GRADE 1 (SS1) Before starting on a Skysurfing Grade 1 (SS1) qualification, you must first gain an BPA 'C' Licence (at least 200 jumps plus another Grade 1). You will also need to demonstrate basic belly-to-earth skills (up to WARP 7) and specific stand-up skills prior to Skysurfing. For SS1, you must be able to do stable surf exits, controlled surf front- or backloops, 360° turns, tracking, and deploy standing up, all on a board of at least 3 feet in length (you must never deploy standing up on a beginner board, however - it could be dangerous). You need SS1 and the written approval of the Chief Instructor in your logbook in order to do Skysurfing jumps with other people.

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Tandem parachute jumps can be carried out by people with certain disabilities with the approval of their doctor, the chief instructor and the tandem instructor. you may download the Tandem Medicalhere

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