Skydiving Gift Voucher

Tandem Skydive for charity

Thinking of giving the ultimate gift for your other half, family member or good friend? Tandem Skydive Vouchers are our most popular product to date at UKskydive. Beautifully packaged and ready for any occasion, tandem skydiving gift vouchers from UKskydive are available from our website and by phone, delivered to your door with absolute discretion. Upon receiving a skydiving experience voucher, one phone call and the lucky person is booked in to a specialised, relaxed, professional and caring organisation designed to nurture every customer through one of life’s great experiences.

Tandem Skydiving

Ever seen the majestic English countryside from underneath a parachute canopy? Call us and discover how easy it is. 

You can purchase a skydive voucher only or one of our skydiving gift packs for any of our courses. Our vouchers are valid for 12 months.

Remember you can pay the £50 deposit for the skydive voucher and pay the balance on the day - this allows you to budget for the monies required when the skydive is taken and still give a skydive experience to your friends and loved ones.


indoor skydive!

Our gift packs are gift boxed, personalised and sent Special Delivery. Choose from the following options:

THE! Skydive Simulator - learn to fly indoors. Want to give a unique and unforgettable gift? Flights from £40. Gift vouchers available now.

Indoor Skydive Windtunnel


Gift Voucher

Tandem Skydive Gift Voucher
Tandem Skydiving Gift voucher is personalised and sent first class.
Deposit only £50 or Full from £250

Tandem Skydive Voucher

Tandem Skydive Gift Pack
Tandem Skydiving Gift box contains a T-Shirt or 2Gb USB Stick and voucher
Deposit only or Cost of the tandem plus £24.95

Skydive Voucher Gift Pack

Skydive Voucher Gift Pack

Remember to have it FILMED!